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1) Flowers in the room

In order to decorate a room with flowers, you do not need a fancy or expensive vase. You can simply use a common glass, if the bouquet is small. A cool way to decorate your dining table is by placing your flowers in a glass of water in a paper gift bag. If you use a plain glass, you can add cloth ribbons, for prettier results.

When you choose flowers for your table, consider choosing roses, they are a safe choice. Roses are easily combined with other flowers and you can choose through a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. But if you want elegance and class, orchids are the “queen” of flowers and are always the best choice.


Kitchen is not the best environment for your flowers, because of the heat that reduces their vitality. But if you choose to decorate your kitchen with flowers, the result will be fresh and beautiful. Choose flowers based on the color of the walls and furniture.

3) Bathroom

You can use basically anything, except plants and flowers that are sensitive to high temperatures.

5) Bedroom

If the room is small, choose white flowers to add light to the place. Put them in a corner with few items and furniture, in order to avoid overload. If the room is spacious, a modern vase full of tulips, lilies or roses, will create a colorful and scented corner.

Εάν, ωστόσο, το δωμάτιό σου είναι ευρύχωρο, ένα μοντέρνο βάζο θα ταιριάζει με ένα μπουκέτο με τουλίπες , κρίνους ή τριαντάφυλλα, δημιουργώντας μια πολύχρωμη και αρωματική γωνιά.

5) Living room
A bouquet of yellow lilies and gardenias creates a sophisticated view and lightens the atmosphere. You can use all sorts of containers to put your flowers, but make sure it fits well with the rest of the decoration and emphasizes the flowers.

Αν και είπαμε ότι οποιοδήποτε δοχείο μπορεί να χρησιμεύσει για να διακοσμήσεις με λουλούδια, πρέπει να προσέξεις που εναρμονίζεται με τη διακόσμηση του δωματίου και τονίζει τα λουλούδια.